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deGraaf Financial Services

First established in 1969, our firm has been helping people from all walks of life create Wealth and Prosperity. With a strong focus on family wealth creation and preservation, we are able to help our clients maximize the efficiency of their households income.

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We have 3 principles of business with our clients, and they are;


Our commitment to service begins when you make the first phone call, and throughout your entire relationship with our office. It is important to find a company who fits in with your family values, that is who we are, and that is how we serve…


We treat our clients like our extended family, because it’s not about selling a Financial Plan or Life Insurance, it’s about delivering on a promise generally made many, many years before. For 40 years, we have consistently delivered on that promise…


No two financial plans are ever the same, nor can they be put in place and never touched again. You need to continually examine your plans and look for opportunities to maximize the efficiency of your money. We are here to help you, today and into your financial future…

Our clients are our primary focus, as we always work on behalf of our clients, in conjunction with the companies which we may recommend.

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